It was a long, hot day filled with kids and more kids, dirt, chickens, and dogs, while we taught the kids today’s lesson on surrendering to Jesus. Even though it was long and hot, it was also very full of blessings. Snapshots from today:

  • Watching the kids as they made sock puppets to illustrate how Jesus can fill our lives and help guide us when we surrender to Him and let Him direct our paths.
  • Sitting around the tables at our evening hosts after dinner and singing songs in Romanian and English and just worshiping God together in our own languages.

Totally and completely awesome.

Teaching a lesson on surrender isn’t easy, and I’m pretty sure I’m learning as much (if not more) than the kids with these lessons. I have lesson team this year and I am having so much fun having teammates and kids help me act out the lesson each day. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds for our team as we continue to work with these awesome kids God has given us to be the link in His chain of love to them.

~ Rachel

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