Today was our first day with the kids in the camp. Unfortunately, I woke up with a fever and feeling less than 100%. It was enough to keep me in bed most of the day. From my bed I could hear the children interacting with the team outside, and once again I was amazed by the team’s willingness to jump in and do activities with the kids.

Even though the team had just said goodbye to a bunch of kids and were really tired, they interacted with these new kids with the same energy that they had the first week. These were the kids that Rachel had worked with before, and at one point they gathered outside our dorm and started chanting her name, trying to draw her out so that they could play with her. It got me thinking about how desperately these kids want to be loved and accepted, and how much of an impact someone had on their life who had only been there for six weeks. Rachel had told them about us, and they were all super excited for us to come. It’s going to be a great week here.

– Brandon







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