May21.8Hey everyone! It’s hard to believe how quickly our time in Ecuador is coming to an end. In some ways it feels like we were there for weeks and other times it feels like we have only been here for a day!

On Thursday, we had our first day of ministry in a village about an hour away from Cajabamba. The crazy part about it? The elevation was 11,800 feet above sea level! 😐 This is officially the highest children’s program Global Encounters has ever done. We were so incredibly grateful for a truck to haul everything up there, but walking up the mountain was definitely challenging for us!

Working with the kids in this village was very special. We kind of stepped back in time. Most people wore traditional skirts, hats, shawls, and ponchos. Their primary occupation is farming. We may have been the first Americans to visit this village. The children were so thrilled to have a VBS! They were thrilled with such simple things like bouncy balls, hugs, our silly skits, and sock puppet crafts.

The views from the village were an inspirational reminder of God’s presence even in such a remote place. The children and their sweet spirits were a reminder to me to focus on what’s really important. It was an incredible privilege to share the gospel with children who have not had it explained to them before. Lord willing, more Global Encounters teams will be able to continue discipling the children of Laime!

Dios te bendiga!

~Bianca Osborne









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