May20.1Hola, cuy!

It is so amazing being here with my fantastic team members and actually witnessing first hand the Holy Spirit at work. Today, was our second day at Jezreel, but instead of working with children, we were able to talk with high schoolers for the first time on our trip. While it was a bit irregular from our normal activities, it was such a rewarding experience.

As usual, all team members split into five groups at the start of the day. My particular group consisted of Bianca, Matt, and myself. In all honesty, one of the greatest challenges I thought I would encounter on this trip was trying to work with new team members in such a short amount of time. But, in fact, this has been one of the easiest aspects of the entire trip. Although, what else would you expect from a team of amazing CP students? I would be lying if I said I haven’t learned a lot from the rest of the team and I am so grateful for it. One of the greatest lessons I have learned is to be flexible. In order to be flexible you must have a strong faith that everything will work according to God’s will. Though it is hard to do, it is so much more rewarding.

For instance, in order to really appeal to all of the high schoolers we had to tailor our lessons after fulfilling life purpose. The difficult part, however, was that we did not have any lessons or games prepared on this topic. But, after talking with all of the other team members, it seemed as though God was working with us to conquer our fears and through us to truly affect the lives of the students. It was incredible to hear all of the plans and aspirations that the students had and I will continue to pray for the Lord to give them guidance and wisdom as they continue their education and hopefully fulfill a Godly life purpose.









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