Hello everyone! Thursday was a pretty busy day as we were getting ready for our weekend ministry. It was our first day switching up the schedule for classes. Ashley now has her own lesson and  Rachel and I are together. This worked out better for everyone’s needs so some weren’t getting overwhelmed and others getting too bored. The guys had there own adventure as they took the team laundry into town. Max reported that John rocked the Spanish. The class for me was good and challenging which was a huge answer to prayer as I have been wanting to be really challenged. It made me happy to have a good bit of homework to do! I’m learning a few tenses I only briefly knew and I’m getting to practice using them!!! After class I went with Rachel to buy a chip for the team phone for calling. That was an experience at the phone service place as the man we had spoke pretty quickly and of course had complicated phone related words. But the important part was we ended up walking out with a good chip! I got to catch up with my family on the walk home. Moms can solve a world of problems, especially my mom! The boys had an opportunity to play basket ball while us girls met with the one of the local missionary’s daughters to have some fellowship in the Lord. Then we topped off the evening with a home cooked meal.


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