Wow what a great day! I think the thing that made it so great was the fact that it started with John and I beating the girls for first ones up and ready for once! Haha! No, that was fun but the true highlight of the day was the time spent in worship with our fellow believers here in Chiapas. It was soooo great to sit and listen as the pastors poured out their hearts about following Christ and what that looks like in our everyday lives. It was also cool to understand a tad more of what they were saying!!! After church Ash (Ashley) taught a violin lesson to six people from the church starting with the basics and by the end let them start playing on the three violins we had there.

This afternoon our team split up with some resting and some studying/doing the mucho homework we have left for the weekend. Tonight after church our team and seven people went to a coffee shop to spend time fellowshipping together in both English and Spanish. I’m not sure about the other end of the table but the end I was on was filled with so much laughter it was hard to find the time to drink the coffee we had ordered! We had such a blast joking in Spanish and teaching each other new words to better our conversations. Wow! I never thought it would be possible to have so much fun talking with people that speak another language!! I am so grateful for the help Rachael gave me when I didn’t know one of the words I was trying to use!

I am so grateful for our friends here in Mexico who have such big hearts for the Gospel and sharing it with those around them! They are such an encouragement to me as I am striving to grow in my walk with the Lord! Please keep them in your prayers! Buenas noches!

Oh! It’s starting to warm up here a little! Yay!


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