Here’s today people! It was a great day! We restarted lessons today and everything started clicking! I mean everything has kinda been clicking for awhile but now it’s really clicking! For everyone I’m pretty sure. I think because everyone has been talking to the people and everything it’s been really helping a lot in understanding the language. I’m so proud of everyone! It’s been a real adventure this first week… and we have four more to go! God has been with us every step of the way. We could not do this without His help. God is so good!

We had pizza for lunch and then I grabbed my violin and went out to play for a bit. Kim and Max came along to pass out tracts and talk to the people. We went to about three spots and while I drew a bit of a crowd with my playing Kim and Max were able to talk to people! It was truly God working! I believe that we are going to do it again sometime soon. Meanwhile, I’ll have to think of more songs. They really like upbeat ones so if you all have any suggestions…. yeah.

Now we’re back at the hotel studying and such. I’m really excited to see what else God does. These people have welcomed us with opened arms. I was scared of using my Spanish because I was afraid they were going to get impatient, but they totally understand and are very gracious and patient with us. That has helped tremendously. Keep praying for us! God is so good… but it’s very saddening to see all the people who don’t know Christ’s love and forgiveness. Pray that God would show Himself to us and these people. Pray that we continue to show God’s love to these people and love them with God’s love.


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