Jungle equals chicken filled night. 🙂 It would not be a trip to the jungle without a chicken coop on the back wall of the small church where the team was staying for the week. While I love the sound of the country and animals some I have learned to ignore. Gratefully that meant I was able to sleep the night but sadly it was not the same story for many of the team. Hmmm perhaps the village will  fix us rooster soup ,tonight…? Rooster from the coop behind us. 🙂

After running the horses out who decided to invade our front yard the first order of business was breakfast. Fresh hot tortillas prepared by the village, eggs, salsa, and beans, this is the breakfast of champions. Uh huh, I mean the Med Team.

Today our clinic is a short 7 minute drive away from “home”. We setup in the local church and immediately began to see patients. One of the first men to come through the clinic put his faith in Christ. What an encouragement and boost of energy that was to the team. Though not the first it is always exciting to see the spiritual fruit of the trip. Each and every person who comes through the clinic doors visits an evangelism station where they hear the gospel or are mentored and prayed for.

Following the fruitful day of ministry and clinics we retired to our house and prepared for the next day and soaked weary feet in the river. One of the best parts about the jungle is stepping outside after the sunsets and watching the heat lightening and gazing at the stars. The heavens are truly filled with the handiwork of The Lord. As we gazed clearly at the Milky Way and shooting stars it was breathtaking and invigorating. The same God who created all the goodness and beauty of the stars is the same God who is with us at each and every clinic. As the lightening flashed and the occasional shooting star passed overhead many of us simply sat there for hours giving glory to God and fellowshiping.

To God be the glory for the great things He has done.

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