Thursday and Friday marked a two-day period of rest, clean up, and re-gearing in between traveling and hosting medical clinics. We returned to the Terrells’ house on Wednesday night very exhausted, yet very content. After spending 6 nights in a dense, humid, and sweaty jungle, we looked forward to catching up on sleep and having some time to visit San Cristobal, the town we were staying in.

We spent the majority of Thursday preparing for our next venture into the jungle. Everything that we had brought with us needed to be sanitized and washed to prevent any micro-sized visitors from establishing themselves first in our dishes and later in our stomachs. All of the medical supplies and drugs needed to be sorted and restocked. Bedding and clothes needed to be washed and aired. In the afternoon, our preparations were temporarily interrupted by a thunderous hail storm that dropped marble sized hail stones that sounded like firecrackers. That evening, we went into town to have dinner at El Punto – a local pizza place. After consuming pieces of Hawaiian, primavera, curry, ham, and mushroom pizza, we went to a local pastry shop to entertain mountains of chocolate cakes and burnt caramel cremes.

On Friday morning, we finished up the last bit of packing in the morning, and then spent the rest of the day in downtown San Cristobal. Some of us climbed to the top of Guadalupe, a beautiful Catholic Church that overlooks San Cristobal. We visited little shops to buy trinkets and gifts, meandered through the outdoor market bartering for items, and later had dinner at a delicious sushi restaurant. Through this time, God provided for our team by giving us an incredible time of team unity, friendship, and rest. This time was short-lived, however, and the next morning we were on the road again.

-Mateo Uno for the team (Matthew T.)

photo 1

Matt and Josh sorting and restocking pharmacy

photo 2

Matthew and Hannah knocking out the jungle dishwashing & repacking

photo 3


photo 5

Downtown San Cristobal for dinner


Overlooking San Cristobal

MTC14_MT_0532 MTC14_MT_0564 photo 4

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  • Esther Staddon

    Wow! I can’t believe the hail! Looks like that was a lot of dishwashing, Hannah. Thank you, team, for keeping us updated as we pray. 🙂

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