Derecha! Izquierda! Derecha! Izquierda! I officially have learned my left in right in Spanish…well for the most part. It’s not as easy as you would think!

Anyways, today we taught the kids about serving and what it means to be a servant of Christ. This included children washing other children’s feet, to making flowers to give away, to a skit about pirates on the mighty seas! Basically, we rock facial hair and eye patches.

Tonight was also the last night at the church in Conocto so there was quite few sad goodbyes. It’s always difficult saying goodbye to kids you’ve grown to build relationships with.

But with our goodbyes to this week comes the bittersweet excitement for the next two weeks. God has already moved in mighty ways and this is only the beginning.



Michaila teaching on how Jesus tells us to serve



-Serve as he served-






Skit crew! “Rawrrr!!!!”


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