Another beautiful, drizzly morning here in Deva! After several cups of coffee, our team hustled out the door, climbed into the van, and headed out for our last day at Vachelli. With eye patches, hats, swords and cornrows, we laughed our way through today’s pirate skit, right along with the kids. When our program was finished we were served an AMAZING lunch, then had the chance to run back to the apartment for some much needed rest.

Camp Love was next on the agenda and it was one exciting evening. What a refreshment to fellowship with like-minded believers and even listen to their children serenade us in Romanian. The highlight of the night, hands down, was watching the kids’ expressions when Rachel announced  that the bucket of smelly creek water was not for a water fight… instead it was for washing each others’ feet. It was to symbolize servanthood – to serve as Christ served.  You’d be amazed to hear that all but the youngest kids participated.

After an intense week of jet-lag and learning the curriculum, our team is ready for the weekend. We plan to leave tomorrow morning for sight-seeing!!

Oh yeah!!!! I saw a little boy wearing a Texas sweatshirt today- totally made day!

Later y’all!

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