Today was our last day at the Christian school in Deva and the gypsy village in Geoagiu. Today’s lesson was “Go because He came.” Amanda and Amy did a great job telling the story of the Ethiopian eunich, and Stacey and I had the opportunity to share the gospel in the craft making wordless book bracelets.

Last night we had all prayed specifically for the kids at Geoagiu. For me it was really difficult to leave because I knew it would be the last chance we had to teach the kids about the freedom and joy that a relationship with Christ brings. These kids come from backgrounds I can’t begin to understand. We learned yesterday that girls that have facial piercings are being trained into a prostitution ring. Today it was heart-breaking to see at least two girls with the piercings. Neither one was older than thirteen. The needs in these gypsy villages are overwhelming. Only God can change the directions these people are heading.

Tonight we had the opportunity to eat dinner at the home of one of our interpreters. That was a sweet and very fun time of fellowship. Then we got to hang out with four of the teenagers that interpreted for us in the school. We went to the place that America and Romania have in common: McDonald’s.

Please continue to pray for us as we transition into new ministries next week. It will be hard to leave behind the faces of the kids in Geoagiu. By the grace of God, maybe we will see some of these beautiful faces in heaven.




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