What a wonderful ministry we had. You can totally describe the team as FAMILY! We are greateful for the many opprotunities that God gave us to minister, disciple, and share the gospel! Throughout the course of the trip we shared directly with over 2,000 young people, kids, and adults. The entire two weeks was an amazing work of the Lord! To close out our time there we would like to share with you. “The top 10….”

Top ten ways to bond as a team-

10. Grocery shopping….or any kind of shopping for that matter

9. Cooking- gas stoves that don’t want to light, not enough space in the kitchen, too many chefs, fixing an American meal for 60 people,… It can be an interesting experience 🙂

8. Sorting team supplies – “were are the paint brushes?”…”‘it says we need beads’…’got ’em’….’it says we need more beads’…’here they are’…’it says we need even more beads’…’what? I’m out of beads!'”…..”are you supposed to scrub your skin off when washing off washable paint?”…..”the chain won’t fit”…”Riiichaaarrddd! We have a problem!”

7. Fitting 10 people in a 7 passenger ‘van’- “look out there’s a bump!” “Hang on!” “I don’t think we’re going anywhere if we have wreck.”

6. Learning worship songs in Spanish…with motions….at midnight. Enough said.

5. Skits!!!! You can learn so much about your team members in a skit….and we’ll just leave it at that.

4. Painting a mural- “I need Jesus-Green!” “Her sleeve didn’t get painted!” “Isn’t there supposed to be a table there?” “Her eyebrow’s running!” “It’s dripping! It’s DRIPPING! IT’S DRIPPING!!!!!”

3. Prayer- you realize how close you are as a team when someone gets sick.

2. Washing dishes- “Who wants to sing?”…”Is it a all-of-the-pots-and-pans kind of night?”…”Hey!! You’re dripping water down my neck”…”you got water in my shoes!”…”No Mas!!”

1. Serving The Lord together- “I don’t want to leave” “These kids have stolen a piece of my heart”

To sum up our team-
We Are Family!!!

Richard and Maxwell

Richard and Maxwell


Goodbye Colombia

Goodbye Colombia

20140604_GE_Colombia-004 20140604_GE_Colombia-005

Just off of Cape Canaveral

Just off of Cape Canaveral

Proudly representing Colombia in the Atlanta airport just before the last of the team separated.

Proudly representing Colombia in the Atlanta airport just before the last of the team separated.


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