Today was a great day!  Every day in the Lord’s will is exciting and such a blessing and today was no exception!  We got up early and headed to a school of 1,000 Elementary students to spend time with the third, fourth, and fifth graders!  (This is the same school that we went to last Friday and spent time with the Kindergarden, first and second graders!)  We made a new friend as we were accompanied to the school with a new translator who traveled quite a distance to be with and help us!

God is in this place!  I will never cease to be amazed at how God uses us even with our lack of Spanish and only a few hours of program time to really deeply connect with the children in each place that He has called us to!  (Even with schedule “snafus” and changes in the weather!)

Today it rained at the school and all our activities were planned for outside, but that didn’t stop the gospel from going forth!  We all gathered under an awning!  Maxwell prayed tonight and praised God for the rain because it gave us an opportunity for more personal investment since we all were in a tighter space! 🙂  That praise blessed me, because it’s so true!!  God works ALL things for His good!  We were bombarded with sweet little faces smiling at us asking us for our autographs after the classes and we thank the Lord for the precious opportunity to make an impact in their lives for the Kingdom!

We were scheduled to minister to children with cancer this afternoon, but the organization building’s water was turned off due to a drought and they were shut down today.  I was so disappointed, but again, God knows BEST!!!  We were able to reschedule for the Tuesday before we leave and I have NO DOUBT that it will be a dynamic day!  I’m so grateful for God’s Sovereignty in schedules! 🙂

Spent time resting up a bit this afternoon, and prepping for our trip to the orphanage tomorrow!  Please pray as we spend the rest of this trip there!  We are excited to be with the children and pour God’s love into their lives!

I’m so blessed by each on the team!  What a great group!  Thank you for praying for us and for being such a big part of this ministry!

~ Bri

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Pollo y espinaca y queso

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  • Lynne Stoner

    Another great post. thank you so much!!!
    Continuing to lift you all up in prayer!!!!

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