After experiencing a Chiapas-style roadblock on our way back to San Cristobal, we arrived at the Terrell’s happy to spend our last couple of days with them. Nothing like wrapping up a trip by having quality time with old friends! (Clarification: “old” in that sentence refers to the familiarity of the relationship, not the age of the party referred to. 🙂 ) We were able to spend some time in town enjoying the culinary delights of San Cristobal (sushi, French pastries, coffee…) as well as boost the local economy with our purchases of gifts and friends’ coffee orders to take home. Always fun to see what San Cris has to offer!

RMF_TFP_F4M_MEXICO 2013 (2061)

2013 Remote Jungle Team – Chris, Nate, Andrea, Kyle, Amy, Rose

RMF_TFP_F4M_MEXICO 2013 (2166)

French pastries… bon appetit for sure!

RMF_TFP_F4M_MEXICO 2013 (2186)

Downtown San Cristobal

We were also able to help out with a few house projects the Terrells have going. There was quite the variety from weeding the greenhouse and installing an irrigation system, to patching the roof so it doesn’t drip on Julie’s pillow at night (high priority there!!), to finishing curtains for Will’s bedroom. Everyone on the team found a place to use their skills and we hope these projects bless the Terrells in some small way. They pour themselves out for us and all the other GE teams! Thank you Nathan and Julie & co.!

RMF_TFP_F4M_MEXICO 2013 (2198)

Nate and Kyle patching the roof

RMF_TFP_F4M_MEXICO 2013 (2189)

Go Andrea!!

RMF_TFP_F4M_MEXICO 2013 (2188)

Cloe helping in the greenhouse

RMF_TFP_F4M_MEXICO 2013 (2201)

Chris hemming Will’s curtains

Finally the dreaded 4:00am airport run came… dreaded not because of the time of day at which it was taking place, but because this team would be parting ways. We had some great experiences, some great “fellowship of the mud.” We saw God at work both in the ministry taking place and in our own hearts as well. His daily grace, joy, and wisdom were essential to this trip and we thank Him for His faithful presence. Each person on the team contributed not only by what they did, but who they are. They gave themselves, each remarkable and irreproducible in their own right. Thank you guys!

– Amy, for the team

RMF_TFP_F4M_MEXICO 2013 (2212)

Heading out…

RMF_TFP_F4M_MEXICO 2013 (2211)

Andrea & Rose

Photography by Rose Finley – Focus4Missions Photography

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  • Nathan's Grandma Helen

    I truly appreciate the photos and the stories. An amazing group!!
    Thank you very much.

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