…there’s a team in need of some prayer. Here are two messages that came in this evening from Nathan Terrell:

Please pray. We took a wrong turn after the guide left us. We are now in the middle of nowhere. We are going to sleep here. Will backtrack in the morning. Discouraged, but OK.

Julie, Nathan’s wife, was able to use the GPS signal to pinpoint the team’s location. They were actually only about 2,000 ft from the next village. Julie sent this info back to them. Here’s Nathan’s reply:

We will scout ahead before turning back in the morning. Thanks for being an awesome prayer team. We have built a shelter to sleep in.

Even though they are only a short distance from the village, keep in mind that that is probably 2,000 ft of dense undergrowth and possibly steep terrain. Pray that they are able to find the right trail in the morning to get back on track and that God will encourage them tonight. The team packed to be prepared for camping along the trail in case they couldn’t stay in a village and they have plenty of time in the schedule (which is very flexible) for changing course and doing some backtracking if needed.

Camping 2

Camp in the middle of nowhere


We all stayed dry except Nathan T.

Camping 3

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