Here are the updates sent throughout the day from the GPS satellite device:

First, they found the village that they just missed last night. Yay!

Posted at 10:30 AM:

You were right. The village was just a little further from where we stopped at dark. We have now visited there and are on the trail to the next place. About 2 hrs local speed, 3-4 hours our speed.

Posted at 3:30 PM:

Coming up on “__________” [village name removed]. Please pray for a good reception here. Only 3 more hours to our stop for the night. Everyone is much better today. Just dehydrated.

Final update for the evening comes from Julie Terrell:

They covered quite a bit of ground, and it looks like two villages today! The tracker hasn’t moved since 5:30 pm, so I’m guessing they stopped to set up camp and have dinner. I’ll let you know when they move again in the morning!

Some pictures from the day (sent by Chris after they returned to civilization). I’m thinking this looks worthy of a Tough Mudder!

On a Ridge


This picture has a story to it. In the morning, after spending the night “in the middle of nowhere,” Nathan went scouting ahead. All of a sudden a bunch of guys came running down the hill, whooping and yelling, no Nathan in sight. The team says they were 20% freaked out, 20% encouraged, and 60% just perplexed. It turned out Nathan had sent them to help the team carry the packs up the hill to the next village… a welcome offer for sure!

Mudder1 Mudder3 Mudder4
InTheJungle1 InTheJungle5 InTheJungle7

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