It’s the first day of camp! I am flooded with so many memories from last year! A grassy field surrounded by concrete huts.  Bible Verses and songs in Spanish. Cold showers and lots of bug spray.  Familiar faces and joyful smiles. I am so happy to be here. I have tears of joy in the corners of my eyes. It is so wonderful to see Alejandro, Joss, Sarita and Elisabeth again and be able to give them a hug. Me awerdo de ti del ano pasado. I remember you from last year.

It feels a little like de javu. I am in the same cabin again the same bed again and I’m the leader of Equipo Azul again. (Azul is Primero!  Azul! Azul! AZUL!) I have an awesome team of workers and kids this year. It is so fun to get the team excited and build a sense of unity.

Equipo Azul started off the week with Breakfast kitchen duty. We prep the meal and clean up the kitchen afterwards.  All the teams take turns with different meals throughout the week. It helps teach the kids responsibility and serving others.

After breakfast we had relay races like Over Under and Spoon races. After the games is the kids favorite part of the day; La Playa!  Taking 60 kids to the beach is an experience! They have a blast but they are so exhausted after we get back!

We gather for lunch and afterwards we have Bible lesson time. The theme this year is the Promises of God. Today we taught on the Promise of Salvation, my group made Infinity Bracelets. Just like a circle never ends, Salvation is for Eternity. We finished our day with the kids with songs and a skit. At team devos tonight we sang a song that means a lot to me and sums up what I feel this time is really all about:

Knowing You, Jesus,

Knowing You

There is no greater thing

You’re my all, You’re the best

You’re My Joy, my Righteousness

And I Love You LORD.


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