Today our team visited Hogar Nuestra Señora de Loreto, an orphanage in Esmeraldas. The trip was unexpected and originally planned for Friday. Although being last minute, it ended up being a huge blessing.

We started out our time there with an illustrative story about how Jesus sacrificed himself for us while we still were sinners. Afterwards, the older kids separated with the photography team for testimonies and lessons while the younger kids stayed for crafts and games. We ended our time with snacks, hugs and goodbyes.
Personally, the best times are the sweet conversations between activities. The few phrases or broken conversations including ¿Como te llamas? and ¿Cuantos años tienes? can unexpectedly cause the kids to become incredibly attached to you and you to them. Once they realize that you genuinely care and want to hear about them, they open up and will not let you leave their sight. After that, it is incredibly difficult to say goodbye to the precious children who you already adore after a few short hours.
Our team is praying and asks you to pray for the children to  remember what we taught. Whether it be the lessons portrayed through the game time, craft or skit, that the Lord will plant the seed of the gospel in their hearts. Pray for them not only remember what we said, but be convicted by it or curious enough to pursue the truth. God is the only one who can put the desire for him in their hearts so we pray for these kids, whom we love so much, that he will.
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