“Azul esta aqui! AZUL! AZUL! AZUL!” So goes the chant that I love to hear every morning, noon, and night. Camp has been one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever had. From the busy morning prep to the tired kids at night, the teams have been so stretched and tired, but we are learning so much. I have come to learn many things on this trip, but one of the things that has continually stuck out to me is the importance of the “little things.” I, in no way, can compare to these kids and what they go through in their lives, but I do know, that every little thing that I do is counted as a blessing. From the wave hello to the high-five, these little things mean much more to them than I ever realized. I get very discouraged sometimes thinking that what I do is insignificant or not as good as what I could be doing, but God is continually teaching me that what I see as insignificant He sees as part of His mission, for His glory. This brings to mind a little girl that we have at camp. Her name is Melanie and she is six years old. But there was one time today, where I saw that what I thought was meaningless, was something that God used to bless her. Here at camp we go to the beach for at least an hour and a half every day. Today we got there and all the kids raced to the ocean. Melanie was playing by herself and I went over to see what she was doing. She smiled a hello and we began to look for seashells, dig little water holes, and then I grabbed her hand and we ran into the water. I counted to three and we started to jump over the waves that went by. To me jumping over waves with her was something that was so little and insignificant, but as I watched the joy and laughter spread over her face, I realized that it wasn’t insignificant to her. I realized that I was part of a plan, and God was going to use in me in each one of the children’s lives no matter how little I think I am. So when you get discouraged about what you are doing or not doing for the kingdom of God, remember, “…God uses the foolish things to put to shame the things that are wise…”

By Alyssa Forman

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