Maggie’s blog for July 30 2013

It’s my birthday!!!!! This is the third birthday I have celebrated in Ecuador. I love this country! I was so excited because this is the first time in the past few years that I had a sibling with me for my birthday. I had a surprise this morning! Ten minutes before my alarm was going to go off there was a knock at the door. Someone answered it and it was Joss, Emily, (two girls from my team) and Ricardo. They came in with a guitar and a “Happy Birthday” banner and sang to me. It was so sweet! Later in the day after rotations were done I was cleaning up a bit and all of a sudden all the kids and leaders and everyone walked into the room singing Happy Birthday! I was given cards from a couple of the teams and some ice cream. I got so many hugs from the kids it was really awesome! Many of the kids said happy birthday in English as well as Spanish. It was just a really great day! Probably the best birthday EVER! I am so blessed! Thank you God for this wonderful team and these wonderful kids!

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