Today was one of our down days to just kind of cool down and take a breather. We all got to sleep in a little which was much needed. We then traveled to the little town of Atacames, visited the beach, and went shopping. The shopping was great: a lot of jewelry and handcrafted souvenirs. It was a very relaxing time of bargaining and hanging out. After driving back to Esmereldas, we went to the beach near the church we have been working at all week and had a time to say goodbye and thank you to all the teens that have been helping us for the last couple of days. It was super fun. They had built a bonfire on the beach, and we had food, sang, and danced with them. This was our last chance to see most of them this trip so it was a sad time too of saying goodbye to friends for possibly the last time. This will be our last night in Esmereldas as well. Tomorrow it is off to the camp for our last week in Ecuador.

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