06.21 touring

We had the morning off so we spent it touring a castle. Isn’t that what everyone does on a day off? 🙂 Stacey, Elizabeth, Michael, Rachel, Laura, Amanda, Bethany, Reuben

06.21 castles have strange effects

Castles have really strange effects on people… especially Amanda!

06.21 Rachel Elizabeth

Rachel & Elizabeth… and a really fun castle!

06.21 conquered pillar

Yay… Elizabeth and Michael have conquered the pillar. (Don’t ask why 🙂 )

06.21 crazy

I think we’re going crazy…

06.21 um help please

Um… please help!

06.21 what pillars were made for

Exactly what pillars were made for, right?!

06.21 team 4

The awesome 2013 Romania team!

06.21 team girls

Team girls!

06.21 noeemi amanda

We were really glad to have Noemi along for the castle trek this morning. She was a huge help with figuring out everything in Romanian, which would be just about everything important. Thanks, Noemi!

06.21 singing

We found this chapel with awesome accoustics and thoroughly enjoyed singing with four-part harmony. So nice to have a team that can really sing!

06.21 dining room

The dining hall/ballroom… at least we thought it looked like it should be a ballroom.

06.21 elizabeth pose

The “Elizabeth Pose” – It works really well in front of castles!

06.21 team air

The famous “let’s get everybody in the air” team pic

06.21 team 2

06.21 team 3

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