Back at the flat after the weekend of exploring castles. This week is the gypsy camps. Please be praying for us and the kids. – Laura

I love working in Gypsy villages! Yes, the people are poor and dirty and the kids are often totally undisciplined, but I love sharing Jesus with them. When you see kids growing up in a setting where you know that the girls have little chance of even making it to their teens without being abused, when you know that unless something drastic happens, their lives will repeat the stories of their moms and grandmas before them, it breaks your heart. What hope is there for change without Christ? But the awesome thing is that Christ can and does change the hopeless. He IS our Redeemer and Savior. – Elizabeth

Eyes are the windows to the soul…and these gypsy kids have beautiful eyes!!! Pray that the seeds we planted will sprout and grow in the days to come. – Rachel

06.24 new gypsy village

We’re working with about 100 Gypsy kids this morning. Pray for us!

06.24 lesson

Bethany teaching the morning lesson on salvation

06.24 rachel

Our evening kids’ program is out in a beautiful rural area surrounded by fruit trees and haystacks. We have lots of teens so its a little different flavor. [Pictured: Rachel]

06.24 amanda

Amanda totally sports this one!

06.24 teens

Game time!

06.24 crafts

Bethany & Stacey on crafts

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