06.21 zgypsy no romanian

I don’t speak Romanian. No. Really.

06.21 zgypsy 3

Game time! Looks like it’s Red Rover tonight. That’s Marius in the middle, one of our Romanian hosts/translators.

06.21 zgypsy 4

More games!

06.21 zgypsy 5

Such precious kids here!

06.21 zgypsy 6

Hey, Elizabeth made it into a picture! Thanks Rachel!

06.21 zgypsy 7

This Red Rover team seems to be collecting Americans…

06.21 zgypsy 8 craft

Crafts with Stacey

06.21 zgypsy 9

Who’s signing up for Romania 2014?!

06.21 zgypsy cute

Seriously, who’s coming in 2014?!

06.21 zgypsy amanda

Amanda and a new friend

06.21 zgypsy stacey craft

More crafts with Stacey

06.21 zgypsy bath

Bath time… oh well, it was worth it!

06.21 zgypsy michael2

Michael and his little buddy

06.21 zgypsy captivating eyes

Such captivating eyes

06.21 zgypsy david

David the adorable

06.21 zgypsy michael

Tug-o-War… C’mon guys, you can do it!

06.21 zgypsy tug

The other side of tug-o-war…

06.21 zgypsy face

Such beautiful eyes!

06.21 zgypsy kids

Looks like we had fun this evening!

06.21 zgypsy rachel

Crafts with Rachel

06.21 zzgypsy best yet

Go Reuben… ahem, Bucky!

06.21 zzgypsy good bad bucky

Good Bucky, Bad Bucky

06.21 zzgypsy skit

The skit crew!

06.21 zzgypsy story

And this is whaaat?!

06.21 zzgypsy rock

And how exactly did Bucky’s rock win the science fair?!

06.21 zgypsy squirrelley

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