Greetings from Deva, and thank you for your prayers. The past two mornings have started out with a short walk to the church school where we are working this week. This is the first time many of us have worked with translators, and it is an interesting experience. It is nice when you find a random child or group of children that speak English well. Even if they speak Romanian only, most children are willing to help us with our Romanian skills. Being on a craft team I am learning such words as albastru (blue), galben (yellow), and rosu (red).

06.18 victory flags

Victory Flags

Our afternoons have been filled with a walk to lunch, Romanian lessons, and preparations for the next day. One of the local families is providing all our food and it has been amazing! Our times with the family are some of my favorite. The children help us learn Romanian, and we in turn help them learn English. We also get to experience Romanian family life, which is fun.

One of the amazing things about being on the other side of the world is seeing and feeling the presence of God. The believers here worship the same God we do back home, and he works in the same ways. His help is available to us in the same way it is anywhere else. What an amazing God we serve!

06.18 cute kid

As we continue to teach the children about the promises of God, please pray for clarity in our hearts and minds. Pray that the translators will be able to understand our message and communicate it clearly to the children. Pray that God will be working in the hearts of the children and draw them to himself for his glory.

-Bethany, for the team

06.18 games

Michael’s game team

06.18 lesson

Rachel’s story team

06.18 more games

Love water games on hot days!

06.18 skit

Large group story

06.18 teacher school

One of the local school teachers helping for the week

06.18 water game 2

Laura’s game team

06.18 cute kid 2 06.18 water game

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  • richardshoemaker

    Wow, it looks like you all are making a huge impact in the kids lives. Praying for all of you.

  • Ken, Jolene & Christina

    Bethany, It is exciting to see how God is working in Romania. Happy Silly String Birthday! We are praying for you all. K,J & C

  • Lori Gesi

    What wonderful children! May The Lord use you to reach them …

    Hugs to all of you from us here in Colorado

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