“Boom! Day one completed! It was great! The kids had lots of energy and so that gave me energy. Haha and the skit was epic!” – Laura

“Day one of working with the kids is over. We had some bumps but we made it. Pray the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of all who heard and in our hearts as we learn and teach the lessons.” – Michael

“Wow!!! The first day was totally awesome!!!! Lots of kids and lots of fun times with this awesome team!!!” – Rachel

“”First day of kids’ programs! The morning went really well! Now just to rest up and get ready for the evening.” 🙂 – Amanda

06.17 amanda craft

Amanda with her craft team

06.17 betany craft

We’re almost done with the evening kids’ program. Some of these kids are not church kids. Please pray that they understand the Gospel!

06.17 michael game

Michael has another game team learning about how hard it is to find something when we can’t see and how this is like us without the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives opening our eyes to how much we need salvation. Pray these kids’ eyes are opened.

06.17 rachel lesson

Rachel is telling the firefighter story that clearly explains the gospel.

06.17 laura game

Our first morning of teaching at the Christian school here in Deva. Laura’s got the outside game team going.

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