Sometimes people feel speechless because they don’t have something to say and other times they feel speechless because there is so MUCH to say and I find myself as the latter today!

I’ll start off by saying – THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!!!  You have NO IDEA how powerfully God is using them!!!  It’s only the end of day two and we are praising God for INCREDIBLE works that He is doing here in Colombia!

We started the day off at the same school here in Bogota that we spent time at yesterday!  I think it’s safe to say that we made about 190 adoring buddies!!!  I seriously have not been hugged and kissed so many times by soooo many adorable and loving kids!  They were so eager to talk to us and must have studied up on some English for today, because we heard, “I love you too much!” many times, which was one of my favorite parts of the day!  My “love meter” is over-flowing!!!!  As it normally goes – we came to bless and are being the ones that are receiving the blessings!!!! After a morning and afternoon full of more fun skits, stories, crafts, recess “hang out” time, signing our names in notebooks, taking a TON of pictures (some of which you’ll see below) and tearful goodbyes from the children – we headed back to our hostel for a re-grouping and rest before the evening plans!

Around 4:30 we took the local transportation system (really packed buses and a bumpy ride) to a yummy dinner place with incredible smoothies and crepes and then headed to a church nearby to share with a college age group!  Richard, Ruth, Sterling, Melissa and I, (with help from our amazing translator Oscar) shared personal testimonies and encouraged the group in having a missions driven heart and a vision for the lost near and far!  We were in awe of how God gave us the words to speak and used it for His glory!  We enjoyed some fellowship time with the group afterwards and had awesome conversations!  I love to see how God uses each one of us, in very specific ways, for the furtherance of His kingdom in the hearts of unbelievers and believers alike!  He is SO good!  His timing is perfect and His Holy Spirit moves in miraculous ways!

– Bri for the team


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  • Tina Hudson

    Glad all is going well been praying for all of you. Heard Sterling was sick and is feeling better now. That’s good. Hope everone stays well and God is speaking to and through you all.

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