Today we started out a little differently. There were not an morning adult classes or projects to do at the orphanage so we ran into town to see what we could see.

First thing to do in town was to track down some wifi so that we could communicate with the world. We ended up at a quiet little library, massively overloading their poor server while trying to post to the blog and Facebook and communicate with families. We finally had to have the majority of the team disconnect in order to get the blog uploaded. I left with a bunch of the team to go do a little shopping and walk around town. We wandered around to several stores and then found one that we must have really liked because we stayed there for quite a while… or maybe it was just because it started randomly pouring rain and the shop seemed like a better idea than getting soaked. Regardless, we shopped and it was wet, but it cleared up in a short time and the team was able to reunite and go hunt down some ice cream that we had been told as A-mazing. The team looked happy so it must have been pretty good.

We were siting there eating our ice cream when some of the orphans walked past us on their way back from school. When they first saw us they said, “WOW!” followed by joyous cries of all our names in little Colombian accents, including “Bucky!” being called by several of the kids. I think that Richard is having an identity crisis; he switched his name every other day.

We were able to ride the bus back with the kids. It was so much fun to just sit and watch their happy faces and the excited giggles as they showed us their school stuff and explained their day to us.

In the afternoon, we continued with the promises of direction and purpose from God. The kids made lanterns and played GPS games illustrating how God provides us with direction but does not always give us multiple steps. Sometimes it is just a matter of taking the step that He is giving us now and then waiting on Him for the next step in His timing.

We have just under one week left to the trip now. So hard to believe that we are more than half way done now. I think we are all wishing that we had more time, but at the same time it is really making us value what we have left. Pray for us as we finish up at the orphanage, that we would finish strong and plant many seeds for God to continue to grow.

Ruth, for the team

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  • californiafox

    Ruth! I love you and miss you and I’m praying for you lots! Good blog post!

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