We just had another day full of many blessings –the riches of God’s grace! I can’t say how privileged I feel each day to be working together with this team to teach the gospel to the kids here in Colombia.

20130514_GEColombia2013_0008Today was our 2nd day at the orphanage. Because the kids all went to school this morning we didn’t actually start teaching until 3 pm. So with our morning we split into two groups. One group was in the kitchen helping make bread because the mechanical kneader had broken. During that time the other group was teaching CPR, first aid, splinting, etc. to the group of adults who run the orphanage. I was with the group in the kitchen so you will have to hear my side of the story, although I’m sure there were many interesting things going on with the other group as well. Right after breakfast we went to work with aprons, hair nets, and masks. Drew asked if he could take a look at the mixer to see why it was broken. After 1 minute or maybe only 30 seconds, the problem was figured out and within another 1 or 2 minutes, it was fixed! We went on to have a ton of fun in the kitchen with Marie and Tobias (our translators from Germany) forming rolls and sometimes animals out of the dough.

The Gaddis’ family visited for lunch. Afterwards Mrs. Gaddis and the entire team cut fruit and swords out of foam paper for the craft teams. Thank you everyone! Today’s focus was on the promise of the Holy Spirit. In the world of arts and crafts we reviewed the fruit of the spirit with fruit necklaces. We also made foam swords to show that the Spirit is NEVER separated from the Sword of God’s word. Meanwhile Amanda and Dustin were teaching lessons about the Spirit through games/activities. Bri did her first art lesson with the older kids and from all I hear, they had a wonderful time. Finally Melissa brought everything together with a large group lesson. What incredible truths these kids have been learning yesterday and today! The lessons have been convicting and inspiring to me and I know God is answering our prayers to use them in the hearts of these little ones as well.

We ended the day with a song and memory verses followed by a skit before saying goodnight to the kids. For debriefing, the team had a special time in song and Mark 1.

Memories from Today:

  • Drew and Dustin throwing rolls of dough 5 ft across the kitchen without dropping a single one.
  • Tobias going through the obstacle course was interesting.
  • Bri stepped on a centipede with her bare toe.
  • Hearing Melissa singing away while mopping up a nasty mess in the girls’ bathroom and breaking the mop. (Multiple problems going on in that bathroom lately).
  • Bri and Amanda flattening to the ground before the king. =)

I’m just so amazed at God’s goodness. I’m sharing Jesus with people every day?! There is nothing else I’d rather be doing. I’m with people who are excited about doing the same?! There is no one else with whom I’d rather be. =) God is so good!

-Misty for the team

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  • californiafox

    Way to go, Drew, fixing the bread maker!

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