Hold your breath, here goes the cold water (suffering for Jesus right? :). Just what I need to start my day! (Mountain water showers were the norm here) Breakfast was great- lots of coffee! After breakfast we went to the casa, and planned, and  prepped for the upcoming day. Some of the team went into town for some supplies to make cookies and for smores for the evening bonfire, but that’s getting ahead a bit. I stayed behind and worked on my lesson for today, God’s promise of communication, in the form of some plastic solo cups and twine. We had multiple games of telephone. It was very cute to see the director and the psychologist play and got more into the game than the kids, but again I’m jumping ahead. Anyway after finding a nail and hammer I made a telephone for game time. Shortly after I finished making the prop, (or so it seemed) a Circus ole’ came to preform magic tricks for the kids, the children really enjoyed it . After the show the children were trying to show me magic tricks they came up with (was really silly, but cute). Soon after was lunch. We ate bean soup with beef, and rice, and veggies.  After lunch we had to start our program with the children, I was fortunate enough to have two staff members helping me keep the kids attention. I had the first round of game rotations. So as soon as I finished my game rotation I was sent on an important mission, to make peanut butter cookies! I had some assistance from one of my new found German friend Marie. I divulged the secret to gluten-free peanut butter cookies, and I helped her make a cake. Sadly, what happened to the cake stays in the kitchen, and so does the cookie recipe. Shortly after the excitement in the kitchen, and successfully accomplished task of making cookies we all played with the kids, cleaned up supplies, and got ready for dinner. After dinner, which was more beef and rice, we got the bonfire ready and prepped for the main large group. Before we ate smores we got to do the first ever play of the princess and the dragon, it was a big production with face paint and all. We got all into character, I got to play the “proper princess” I say it like that is because it was a stretch for me to act like that, but you know what they say, “get out of your box.” I kinda feel bad for that cat that ended up being a prop, but it was a very believable prop, which was all worth it to make the kids smile and think about the lesson that was communicated in the story. Well after the story came you guessed, it smore time, and a little shedding of tears from Drew, and the rest of the team, because his fan club gave him some farewell gifts. We were all not very happy to start packing to leave the next day. I wish I could have spent more time with the kids and love on them some more but I know I loved them a lot. The whole team really did, but none of us can love them as much as Christ loves them. I pray they understood that message loud and clear. Pray for the children that we got to minister to this past week that they would understand that they are loved by a heavenly Father even when they think no one wants them.

– Amanda for the team

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