We started out day five at the orphanage with a delicious breakfast of ham and cheese croisssants and some delicious, fresh Colombian coffee! What could be better than that, except spending the day with the kids?! Well, actually, the morning started out with a question and answer class with the tutors about games and mentoring the kids with Melissa and Ruth. After that, Bri brought in her chalk and showed the tutors what the older kids had been learning all week. The creations were crazy good. We also, found out how very talented our translator Lindsay is with chalk pastels!

While all the classes for adults were going on, a profusely pungent paint was going on the walls of the church making everything look new and fresh. Meanwhile, Misty and I folded, cut and stapled lots of card stock for some amazing rain sticks. After a snack, some prep and lunch we started rotations of crafts, games, and photography classes. We had great lessons today about God’s provision and how what God provides is always sufficient, even if it isn’t what we were wanting or expecting. I taught about birds and how God provides for every need that even the smallest bird requires, whether it’s shelter or food – God meets their needs. Occasionally though, a bird may see something that they desire and chase after it. But, their want is not a need and their desire blinds them to the fact that their desire was unattainable and *SMACK*, they fly into a window. The bird quickly finds out that the thing he wanted was not good for him, but was rather distracting and harmful. If the bird had been happy with the provisions that he already had, he would never have gotten hurt. This and all the other stories of the day repeated the same truth: God’s provision is enough. So…don’t worry – be happy!
Later, Melissa brought us a great story about the conversion and ministry of Paul. She illustrated how even in peril, God provided for Paul’s every need.

Dinner was something they called ropa vieja which roughly means “shredded clothes.” Okay, I know what you’re thinking – “They ate clothes?!” No, it was actually shredded beef, rice and a corn/rice baked fritter. Muy, Muy deliciouso! We ended the night with a story of Gideon acted out skillfully by Drew, Dustin, Amanda, Bri, Misty, and Melissa and told by Richard (who is otherwise known as Bucky to the kids). After some picture taking and poster painting, we were ready to hit the sack. We didn’t just yet though because we always have team devotions at night. We were pleased to have our translators Lindsay, Marie and Tobias join us, as well as two of the guest music instructors for the week.

Tomorrow, the kids and us will get a special treat, but until then, please be praying for the effectiveness of our teaching as we finish out the week and for the team members who are feeling less than 100%, so that we can finish strong!

-Sterling for the team

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  • C. Dixon

    What a joy to read of your time with the precious children, and yes, we are and DO pray for All of you.

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