Christina: taught photography. preached the gospel. 120 kids lives touched by Jesus. what a great day in Colombia.


Brandon: Highlight of the day? Getting mobbed and dog piled on by 20+ kids. Epic.


Daniel D: Things I can knock off my bucket list: 1. Stay at a nuns’ convent. 2. Steal dirt from the garden of said convent. 3. Get whipped in soccer by super small Colombian kids.

Elizabeth: The team & Daniel C. had a great time at a local church in Chia. Lord blessed Daniel’s preaching. He has preached four times in the last three days in churches. The team is now working at a non-Christian school. Continue praying.

Brandon: Gotta practice our music skills, even if we don’t have our instruments.


Kristi: [Adventures so far]: worshiping in Spanish and English at the same time. eating goat meat. walking in the rain. staying in a Monastery of sorts [crazy interesting stories there]. learning Spanish bits and pieces. teaching 120 kids photography in a day… and knowing that smiles and Jesus don’t have a language barrier!! They say that your first missions trip is often where your heart stays… Colombia and its people have captured my heart. (What a Jesus!)

Greg: First day of teaching = epic challenge. The kids are awesome, but communication is tough. Having fun though and looking forward to working with them some more tomorrow.

The kids are really enjoying the photography classes

The kids are really enjoying the photography classes

Playground time at the school

Playground time at the school


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