Let me tell you one thing: everyone is having way too much fun here in Ecuador! We’re all pretty exhausted including the kids but the fun factor overrides exhaustion at this point. A normal schedule looks something like this. Breakfast-8, Games-9-10, Beach-10-?, Lunch… changes everyday, Class time-3-5, Dinner-7, Large Group-8, Bible Study- 10, Bedtime… varies. Let me tell you, we have a blast! All the kids are super sweet and forgiving of our Spanish. We have been becoming accustomed to the phrase “Como se dice…?” We’ve also taught them to say “Sup Homie?” They think this is pretty cool.

Tonight was rather memorable as Pastor Benjamin arrived with his wife and son. We set up a warm welcome for them with balloons and streamers and a surprise gathering. But before this happened we needed to keep the kids occupied. They decided to teach us a song with dance movements. First everyone did it then, to our surprise, they had all the team leaders come up to do it. This would be Daniel Dickson (Green), Brandon Dickson (Red), Nate Foreman (Blue), John Foreman (Orange), and Danny Fox (Yellow). This was very entertaining to everyone but even more so to the team members when we later learned that the song was about a big fork, knife, bowl, plate, and spoon!

God is doing amazing things in the lives of everyone here. All the team members have changed in many ways. We are praying for the kids that God will reach them during this time and that we will have a lasting impact on their lives. I can already tell you they have impacted mine. Saying goodbye will be difficult for more than one team member.

Ashley Dickson



Ecuador Camp

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