Today was packed with stove installs, children’s programs, and water filter installs and checkups. We are in Benito Juarez which is in the Ch’ol region. Oh wow, it is so hot here! I am from western New York where the hottest it gets in a summer is 85 or 90 degrees. Not so in Ch’ol. The heat is stifling. Thankfully the Lord has protected our team from getting seriously ill.

Seth, Nicole, and I (Abby) helped Nathan install a stove today for a local family. The stoves that are in most homes have no way of getting the smoke outside so it just coats onto the walls and ceilings of their kitchens and destroys their lungs too. The stoves that Nathan installs are very efficient and smoke free.

In the afternoon, we did a children’s program. A lot of kids came out for it and some adults too. While I was sitting with Christopher waiting for the program to start, I overheard some kids talking about the “gringos”. They remarked that we are very white, just like onions. I guess my tan isn’t as dark as I thought.

Tomorrow we head to another village for the night then it’s back to San Cristobal. Keep up with the prayers, they are very much appreciated!

– Abby, for the gang

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