Monday was the fourth of July, and our celebration consisted of one firework in the middle of a cake, and us singing the National Anthem in a key that was too high. 🙂

The kids arrived around 11am, and we welcomed them with American smiles and introductions. I was so excited to see all of the teenagers and meet them. They all are very excited about camp, and are very chill kids compared to last week! There are a couple special needs kids in the group, and all of the kids help them and encourage them to do better. I am very impressed with their good character.

We had our first sessions as a split team, and it went good! Rachel, Lizzy and I took the “copii,” (children), and Rob, Elizabeth and David went off with the teens. I will have the opportunity to share three testimonies with the teens, and am praying that God will use my life lessons for His glory.

It seems impossible that this is the final week of Romania, 2011. But God is going to do great things this week, and with a final “Fuarte Bine!!” we will end this wonderful camp.

p.s. Please pray that the sessions would go well, and that we would be equipped with enough energy to last each day!

Kaytra, for the team


Kaytra, and a few skit friends


Relay races with Rachel and David



Teens listening Elizabeth’s session

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