Saturday –

After a great night’s sleep our team went out to the clock tower in Sighisoara and took our team pictures. I must say they turned out pretty good considering we had to dodge cars, large groups of tourists, and garbage men in orange jackets! On the road again with our translators Dana, Alice, and Estera we headed to a huge salt mine that took us 258 steps to get down in, it was like a whole other world down there! Yes, there was a lot of salt! Some of us decided to pick some salt off the wall and eat it, yes Romania salt taste just like American salt.

We did our final shopping there and then loaded up andheaded towards Hateg back to the camp. The drive back was very pretty, God has made a frumos (beautiful) country here! We found a really ancient citadel on the way with a stairway that was just as old. It was my favorite citadel we have been to and was a challenge getting to the top without the boards breaking. We spent the next few hours in the car and once we made it back to the camp we all crashed in bed!

Lizzy, for the team


Lizzy and David


Salt mine in Praude


The team!


Elizabeth at the citadel




Dinner at an outdoor cafe in Silbu

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