Destinations: San Cristobal, Comitan, Plan de Ayala, 20 de Noviembre

Attempt number two to head to the jungle, the forest jungle that is. Before leaving, we all gathered in prayer for the Lord’s protection and presence for the trip. After a couple of hours of driving and making a quick stop in on a family in Comitan, we pulled off to a village (Plan de Ayala) to eat lunch. While there, Nathan was able to meet up with a village contact named Pedro who will be helping him with some Scripture CD recording and other Tojolabal projects. This stop met us with our first real downpour. An exciting event, no less.

Finally, we arrived at 20 de Noviembre. Yes, this is the name of the village of our residence for the next 3 days. Surprised? We were too. (Apparently, names such as these are quite common.)

After we arrived and got settled in, the hammock tying, stove installing, and unpacking party quickly commenced. Dinner happened shortly after, and the rest of the evening was spent fairly peacefully, with no real agenda. It was a good day, and we ended up right where we needed to be.

Things are going well, however please do not cease to pray for us. We’d really appreciate it. 🙂

– Mandy, for the team


Brittany with kids from 20 de Noviembre


Plan de Ayala


Stephen and a new friend playing frisbee


Local lady walking out to harvest corn from her nearby field


Hammock hanging – Stephen and Henry


Team devotions and singing


Late night visitor

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