Destinations: San Cristobal, San Juan Chamula

Today my clean little American world collided with reality. Our team traveled to San Juan Chamula which is where the persecution in Chiapas is concentrated. The town leaders want no Christians there at all and have taken measures even as far as to burn Christians’ houses and kill them with machetes.

There is a church in the town square which is a synchrotist church meaning it combines Catholicism and Animism together into one religion. As our team stepped into the church, our eyes took in the dimly lit room before us filled with people lighting candles, chanting, and worshiping various saints. The atmosphere was very dark and hopeless. Outside the church, men were setting off fireworks over and over again to scare the bad spirits away. People also bring Coca Cola to the church because the saints apparently like that kind of pop.

The whole experience saddened me greatly. As I stood outside the church and looked at the people around me, such a sense of hopelessness came over me. These people are lost and going to hell. We have no right to condemn them or think they are dumb for doing what they do. They don’t know anything different! For years they have been taught to do different rituals to ward the spirits off. Sometimes it’s easy to have the attitude of “Oh, we can only pray now”. Only pray? Prayer is the most powerful thing for us! The Lord is in control of everything. Please join with me in praying for the lost people of San Juan Chamula. Pray that they will see the light and that the powers of darkness will lose their grip of that town.

– Abby, for us all

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