Destinations: San Cristobal, Teopisca/Casa Hogar Canaan Orphanage

2011-06-12-160653A highlight of every trip I’ve ever taken to Chiapas, Mexico is getting to spend time at the Casa Hogar Canaan orphanage. On this particular Sunday morning, we all crammed into 3 vehicles with the Terrell family, and headed there just in time for their church service.

The orphanage was hit hard this week with several big challenges, including having one of their little girls end up extremely sick in the hospital. It’s been very hard on them, yet I was met by a large orphanage family who were still praising God through it, and sharing how God’s faithfulness and mercy still came through for them. What a blessing to see!!

We were joined by another orphanage and several people from the nearby community for the church service. Our team sang “Mighty to Save” and “Here I Am to Worship” in both English and Spanish, and the orphans sang a couple of specials for us.

2011-06-12-161325After a great message, we downed a quick lunch and got to spend time with the children. Some of the team played futbol (soccer in the US, and extremely popular in MX) with the older boys, and some of us headed off to the trampoline, which is my personal favorite. The kids there LOVE the trampoline!! 🙂

Late in the afternoon, I headed home with Julie Terrell to help make dinner – cooking for 16 people is not particularly easy to do alone – while the team spent more time at the orphanage and then returned a couple of hours later.

Our day winded down as each of us went our own way to spend some quiet time with our Savior. It’s so easy even on the mission field to get too busy to do the most important thing. So I was really thankful for the encouragement to all go off and do that. Because really, what better way is there to end a day than with our Lord?

~ Katie, for the Chiapas team


The orphans sang two special songs during church



Mandy and Jonatan, an orphan with bone cancer






Playing soccer with the orphans


Go Brittany!





The main house for the orphanage

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