Destinations: Ch’ol Jungle – Carranza, Cuctielpa, Maria Morelos

Beep…beep…beep. Our alarms buzzed as we all climbed out of bed and quickly finished last-minute preparations before heading back to the jungle.

monsmall2-stephenAfter an amazing breakfast of biscuits and gravy, we loaded up for our six-hour journey northeast from San Cristobal to the Ch’ol jungle. As we slowly drove over tope after tope (Mexico’s version of a speed-bump), we were met by God’s gorgeous creation. There were many stops along the way, as we tried to capture the breathtaking mountain view on our cameras. But really… pictures just don’t do it justice.

Late in the afternoon we finally arrived in our first village, Carranza. Part of the team set off to begin installing water filters, and another part stayed behind to sing at the request of the people we were visiting. We sang as many songs in Spanish as we could, along with many in English. No matter what language, the people down here always seem to enjoy it.

We visited one other village on the way in (Cuctielpa), checking on previously installed filters that needed to by fixed, as well as setting up some new ones.

monsmall1-mandy1Once done, we headed to our final destination of the day, the hilly town of Maria Morelos. We enjoyed a delicious stir-fry dinner cooked over an open fire and set up our hammocks.

A new week had just begun and we were all excited to see what it held in store as we fell asleep, exhausted from a long but wonderful day of travel.

-Katie for the team


Breathtaking sunrise


Leaving San Cristobal


Amy with some girls at Cuctielpa


Water filter team heading out


Local boys out of school just in time to meet the gringos




Just arrived at Maria Morelos

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