It’s Friday the 17th. It was rappelling day! It was a 30 mi drive up to Arcotete, a gorgeous area with cliffs, forest, and a river. When we arrived we had team devotions and then pulled out all of the equipment for our exciting adventure off of the cliff. The walk up took our breath away quite literally. Climbing up anything in Chiapas feels like you are running a marathon because of the altitude. Once at the top brave Nicole was the first one to venture off of the cliff to rappel. She was fearless and had no problems.Then I was next. I was a little nervous but also had no problems. Half way down my arm started getting tired, but Seth who was belaying me gave my arms a little break by pulling tight on the rope. When it was Henry’s turn he he went down face first; that would be like him up for new challenges! After everyone had their fill of rappelling we all did some rock climbing! It was just as much fun and the guys took every challenging cliff as a something to be conquered. Everyone had a great time! It was an awesome day! – Brittany, for the team

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