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Today was the final full day of the first kids camp here in Hateg, and it was so AWESOME!! It is so wonderful to see the changes in the kids. From mean words to helping hands, and from fights to peace. Now kids come up to you and give you flowers, and gratefulness notes, and say that they never want to leave us… they were loved this week. It might have been one of the few times someone said they are beautiful, or they received a voluntary hug from someone. Maybe it was the first time they had ever had a camp fire and eaten American s’mores. There probably were a lot of firsts this week.

This week has had its own challenges and hardships. There were fights, and miscommunication, and bullying. But God worked thru it all, and so many of these kids are dreading the thought of going back home. Here at camp they got three meals a day, a roof over their head, a bed to sleep on, and people who cared about them. Please pray for these kids as they go home. Their life is a pit: prostitution, homelessness, drugs, no food, and no one to rely on. Cristina, Ionel, Alex, Marion, Damion, Dani, Raymond, Nicolitsa, Beatrice… and all of the others. Pray for eternal security for these little souls, because they have none here.

From Hateg, HD, Romania ~ Kaytra, for the team








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