The things that come to mind when I think of Wednesday are….

Elizabeth’s Birthday! | Driving through the mountains | Riding on top of the Yukon | Taking pictures | Having a picnic on some huge boulders |

Church - Chiapas

Standing in awe at the majesty of God | Walking into a cool church that looked ancient but was really not so old | Loving the breeze as we curved through the mountainous terrain.

Later that day, we came back to hold the children’s program at 3 in the afternoon. Quite typically, the crafts go smoothly, the skits are hilarious, and the games are perfect for getting some energy out! It was a blast.

Then, as soon as that was over, we booked it back to the house to get changed for the Wednesday night church service. (Shhh…meanwhile, back on the ranch, Rachel snuck into the kitchen and was stewing up an amazing after-church surprise dinner for Elizabeth, complete with American dessert!)

Ahem, back to church. So…as we didn’t quite use all of the skits we had practiced for the kids, we actually got to do a very significant one for church. It was the story of two brothers – one laying down his life for the other. It was a perfect analogy for the Gospel presentation. And I believe that many of the people there were moved by the meaning of it. We also sang in English and Spanish. They seemed to like this, as they were constantly asking for more songs.

After church, I walked back with Elizabeth and Steven. (Most of the group had slowly slipped out one by one  to prepare for the party.) Anyway, once we got there, there were strings of balloons, good smells wafting from the kitchen, and people everywhere! Elizabeth’s eyes got really big with shock! It was terribly fun. We spent a good portion of the evening eating, laughing, talking, and saying our last goodbyes to all the villagers, who were eagerly asking when we would next return. Oh, and many, many pictures accompanied this night.

Wednesday. All in all, a good last day in the jungle.

Mandy, for the team

TP Game Chiapas

A wild and crazy game of unraveling toilet paper. Yes, it has a point! No, it has nothing to do with bringing order out of chaos. Why worry about that when you can just enjoy the chaos?

Mandy Graham - Chiapas

The place where we stopped for our picnic on the boulders

The place where we stopped for our picnic on the boulders

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