A day of life in the jungle with the GE language team: a local missionary’s perspective…

It has felt a little odd spending this week with the GE team. Normally I am a member of the team, but this time I went as their “Tour Guide/Only As Needed Translator.” It has been wonderful to see everyone conversing with the local people. The locals have been so hospitable to all of us. That has opened up many opportunities for the team to practice their Spanish. They have all greatly improved their Spanish skills!

This day started like most of the others. The daily breakfast crew did an amazing job at satisfying the hungry, groggy-eyed people who emerged from their rooms. Being greeted by the smell of freshly brewed (and ground 😉 coffee and fresh breakfast is like aromatherapy to me. After having our delicioso desayuno the team sat down to their group devotions. Afterward, Daniel and I worked together as a team installing buckets. We went to Coapilla with another team to fill some requests for filters. Unfortunately, most of the people had changed their minds about filters, but while we were there, David (one of our hosts) told me that there was an invitation for us to to speak at the local Alcoholics Anonymous group that evening.

After the children’s program in the village, all five guys went back to Coapilla for the meeting. Daniel was able to share from the Bible with the people at AA. David C. shared a testimony( not a personal one, mind you) pertinent to the group and then I was able to give a talk on needing Christ to truly have freedom. We were well received and the people listened intently. Jacob prayed for the people and I closed in prayer. Several professed to having accepted Christ that night. Only God knows if they were sincere in their profession but we shared what God put on our hearts and seized the opportunity to encourage these people. We let David from the village know what happened so that He can follow up with this group and guide them to good churches in their area. I pray that the churches they will go to will be faithful to disciple them and that I can follow up on our next trip out there.

Things started late at the AA meeting so we were pretty hungry by the time we got back to the village. Thankfully, the ladies had done an amazing job at making dinner and we were able to quell our insatiable appetites upon arrival. All in all, it was a good day with much Spanish conversation and opportunities to share the gospel and hand out discipleship material at the filter homes. This is Steven Curry, signing out for the language team. Dios les bendiga!

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