Wi-fi is not exactly an available commodity in the African bush. From the mission base where we will be working to the nearest internet cafe is about a 40 minute drive. While we might decide to visit the cafe from time to time, it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be an everyday trek. Rob and I have been working on other methods of getting online. There IS cell phone reception. We’re hoping that with South Africa SIM cards one of us will be able to get our phone online, with the possibility of tethering one of them to my laptop. Theoretically, it should work… but that’s what my mom calls a “magic should” – it should work but the probability is sketchy at best.

If the internet-via-cell-phone option works, we will try to post fairly frequent blogs. However, not knowing the price for a data connection, we may have to keep pictures to a minimum. If that happens, we’ll post lots of pictures when we get back!

If you do not hear from us for days at a time, DO NOT WORRY! It just means that the internet connection is not working. You can pray that the internet connection works if you want to hear how the team is doing on a daily basis. 🙂

Elizabeth, for the South Africa Team

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