38909We made it! 15.5 hrs after leaving Atlanta, we arrived in Johannesburg. Wow, that was a LONG flight. The only super exciting part was JoyAnn’s last minute arrival. After we boarded she called me to say that she was running through the airport toward the gate. The pilot and one of the flight attendants were so kind to us at that point! They insisted that we weren’t leaving until JoyAnn got on! A few minutes later a very winded, relieved mission team member ran onto the place. Hooray!

40602We’re staying the night in Pretoria and will run back to the airport tomorrow to pick up Beth and Brandon (and JoyAnn’s luggage). Beth texted from the ATL airport to say she and Brandon were both on the plane. Once we pick them up we’ll be off to Mavhusa… a six hour drive with 10 Americans, 4 South Africans, and a ton of luggage in a small van. We’re not going to have to worry about team closeness! 🙂

Elizabeth, for the team

Waiting for Beth and Brandon

Waiting for Beth and Brandon

The van ride!

The van ride!

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