Editor’s note: This is a taste of what the team is up to in South Africa, as posted on their Facebook status messages.

“We’re in Mavhusa and all snuggled into our sleeping bags. The stars out here are gorgeous. Tomorrow we figure out what ministry looks like in this part of africa!” -Elizabeth

“Eating springbok and wildebeast.” -Elizabeth

“Loving South Africa. We are really experiencing amazing things here. The sun is setting on day 2 here. Driving on the wrong side of the road is fun.” -Beth

“After catching up on sleep (traveling for 3 days will wear you out) we had a good intro to culture in Mavhusa today. Met with Pastor Lief for a good while this evening and talked about needs and ministry here.” -Elizabeth

“Somehow it seems strange to be curled up in a hammock in the African bush and able to post updates. It’s been a good day with lots of visits in people’s homes and lots of kids. We have some great pictures if I could just figure out a way to upload them.” -Elizabeth

“We had worms for dessert. Yep- real worms. 🙂 Can’t wait for tomorrow.” – Laura

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