dsc_1648What could be better to start our week of VBS off with than a breakfast of fresh fruit and yogurt? This along with caravan-ing 20 of us to the church by 8:30am in the morning?

Kids started arriving early and excited to see what us Americans had planned for them. img_0305I have never been so grateful for our translators. Praise the Lord for all of them! Today was about God’s special design for each of us. The first day is always a bit crazy with everyone trying to get used to the schefule and how everything runs. We did figure it out though, that if you run around crazy with the kids and say something from the bottom of your throat with an accent, it kind of sounds Ukrainian. =)

We begin the camp with songs and or Bible verses for the week, which the kids are learning very well. Then Joel talked about God’s special design for each one of us, using a camel as an illustration. Then it’s off to morning tea, as they call it. Which is breakfast of meat and cheese with bread and a cup of tea, obviously.

img_0325Games and crafts come next. In games we gave the kids a bag of items they had to identify by design and purpose. But have you ever tried telling a little boy to stop climbing tree when he has no idea what language I speak?? He just looked at me like, “what in the world could this freckle faced girl be talking to me about?”

Lunch comes next, followed by another set of games and crafts. The final camp game was the funnest part of the day. Playing Capture the Flag with 90 Ukrainian kids who thought the paint we put on their faces was war paint! So we had kids running around like little indians. All in all, it was a good long first day. We are all tired but excited to come back tomorrow to minister to these precious kids. dsc_1663Thank you for all the prayers… keep them coming! Love you all! As Hollywood coined the name Brangelina, Tiffani and I were named Stiffany. So I will sign off for the team with that… Stiffany

Fun Fact #7: pretty sure the Sobies will have permanent head marks on the ceiling of their van from us bouncing all around on the road!


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