dsc_1837I am writing my blog on Tuesday night so I can remember some of the events of the day. Breakfast at the Sobies consisted of some usual breakfast food. You know yogurt, cheese, cheerios, sliced deli ham, cold lasagna, etc. Yep, Joel ate enough cold lasagna for three people. ☺ It was pretty good.
The camp went a lot smoother today. Everything started closer to on time and with less confusion than yesterday. Another huge plus, it was a few degrees cooler today. It’s still super hot and muggy, but I didn’t sweat quite as much.
dsc_1771In the morning large group time Joel and Seth did a skit about flying eggs and parachutes. Yes, we had a few “kasplukels” as Seth called them. Of course Arseni and Misha were translating so the kids could understand. Then there was games and then crafts then lunch then crafts then games. In the afternoon Joel told a story about two sailors. One who was all about himself and going the way he wanted to sail. The other who listened to his Captain, Jesus. During the story Scott did a chalk drawing for the kids, it really illustrated the point of choosing the right path, following Jesus as our captain. Most of the kids paid very good attention to the lesson.
dsc_0112In the evening all the guys finished tearing down the wall at the ministry center in Balki. Tomorrow we get to clean up the mess.
All the guys got to experience some true Ukrainian culture when we visited the local banya last night. It is right across the street from the Sobies house. Think 205-degree sauna followed by a plunge into a cool pool. What an adventure.

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